DfE Ingredients

With the ever-growing environmental concerns, combined with public perception and increasing number of regulations, companies are re-evaluating the design and launching of new products across the world. These companies are implementing Design for Environment strategies (DfE) in their product development process. DfE guides companies systematically through the multi-criteria process develop appropriate and profitable design for environment strategies for their product systems.

DfE-recognized raw materials have been screened against the General Screen or against the ingredient-class screen. Approved materials meet the characteristics of safer ingredients and helps identify green-chemistry opportunities and successes. Screened Surfactants exhibiting the required aquatic toxicity profile and demonstrate faster rates of biodegradation are acceptable for use in a DfE-recognized product. Harcros offers wide selection of anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants approved for use in DfE recognized products.