H-Sil® EM 1060

H-Sil STS is a low molecular weight nonionic
silicone surfactant that imparts low surface
tensions to formulated household and
agriculture products. H-Sil STS improves the

H-Sil® EM-60 Concentrate

H-Sil® EM-60 CONC is a 60 % active nonionic
emulsion of regular viscosity silicone. EM-60 Conc
can be used as is or further diluted with water to

H-Sil® EM-350-FG

H-Sil® EM-350 FG is a 35 % solids nonionic emulsion of 350 cst. silicone. EM-350-FG can be used as is or further diluted with water to form a stable let down of the emulsion.

H-Sil® EM-60 HG

H-Sil® EM-60 HG is a proprietary blend of silicone
fluids and reactive organo-silicones emulsified
into a high solids emulsion designed to provide

H-Sil® EM-HTS Conc.

H-Sil® EM-FS-50

H-Sil EM-FS-50 is an emulsion of fluoro-silicone
in water using nonionic emulsifiers. FibroSil EMFS-
50 is a unique emulsion specially formulated

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