NPE Replacement

For years, the EPA has had concerns about potential ecological effects due to the manufacturing, processing, and uses of NPEs in addition to potential risks to human health.

Harcros offers a full line of NPE replacement products and the technical support to ensure proper selection and formulation assistance for optimal performance. (more…)

DfE Ingredients

With ever-growing environmental concerns, combined with public perception and increasing number of regulations, companies are re-evaluating the design and launching of new products across the world. Harcros offers wide selection of anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants approved for use in DfE recognized products. (more…)

Water Treatment

Water is a precious resource and valuable commodity. Harcros is positioned to proved our customers with products and services to allow for the greatest care of this resource.

We are able to provide these services and appropriate products to a variety of markets. (more…)

Frack Water Recovery

The use of “Fracturing” or “Fracking” technology to produce oil and gas from shale formations has accelerated in the past 3 years. With the explosive growth of new well fracking concern has been raised regarding the environmental impact for both potential contamination of existing drinking water supply and the consumption of fresh water. Harcros Chemicals Inc is on the leading edge in developing products and services that can be employed in the recycling/reuse of produced and flow-back water. (more…)