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Our History

Committed to Industry Leadership

Our mission at Harcros has always been to lead by offering optimum service efficiency to our customers.

With over 200 delivery vehicles (including trucks, vans, and tank trailers), 28 distributions centers across the country, and a single business system for order management, finance, and communication, we're capable of providing comprehensive customer service all around the country for a wide variety of different industries.

Industry Expertise

Harcros offers a number of service capabilities, allowing us the ability to meet the unique needs of a wide variety of customers. These include:


Harcros delivers quality products from top chemical producers to thousands of customers across the globe. Offering a dependable source of supply, we provide a broad selection of chemistries to meet your formulation needs.


Headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, Harcros manufacturing division offers worldwide service through our three production sites: Harcros Organics, Harcros Specialties, and Venus Ethoxyethers.

Custom Services

Harcros custom services cover a variety of different capabilities, including custom formulations & technical support, tank monitoring & auto replenishment, and specialty manufacturing, blending, & packaging. 

Harcros is Committed to Safety, Quality and Responsible Operations.

At Harcros our foremost priority is ensuring safety, maintaining the highest quality, and upholding responsible operations in every aspect of our work. We’re proud to be aligned with NACD’s Responsible Distribution program, a stringent third-party verified initiative focusing on environmental, health, safety, and security standards. This program is a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement, not just within the confines of our operations, but throughout the chemical storage, handling, transportation, and disposal lifecycle.

Responsible Distribution is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to serving our communities responsibly and efficiently

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