Toll Manufacturing


As a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for over 100 years, Harcros is the ideal choice for your toll manufacturing needs. From small companies looking to minimize capital expenditures and reduce risk to large multinationals looking for a production partner to reduce lead times or produce trial-volume batches, our Custom & Toll Manufacturing team will work closely with you to bring your product into production and direct to your valued customer.

Our chemical processing equipment and expertise make us your definitive solution for custom and toll manufacturing projects. With production facilities across North America and Asia, our unique approach allows us to provide quality control, R&D, process development, and scale-up services from lab to pilot plant to commercial scale quantities. Our nationwide distribution network in the United States and global logistics division can ensure that your product is packaged and labeled in accordance with all international, regional, and local regulations and arrives in a timely manner. 

Harcros is adept at handling a variety of challenging and hazardous chemistries. With well defined HS&E policies and a commitment to sustainable procurement policies, Harcros is able to take on challenging projects with a high rate of success.

Chemical Storage Tanks
Custom Synthesis

Harcros' capabilities extend beyond our standard surfactant technologies. Our standard synthesis capabilities include Ethoxylation, Propoxylation, Copolymerization (EO-PO), Esterification, Ether Sulfates, Phosphation, Emulsification, Specialty Silicone, Sulfamation, Sulfonation, Polymerization (Resins), Amidification, Carboxylation, Imadazolines, Quaternization. With a wide range of chemical handling capabilities, Harcros is continuously open to evaluating new opportunities for our valued customers.

Harcros Plant
Custom Blending

Harcros offers a variety of custom blends for use in multiple industries including agrochemical, cleaning aids, coatings, emulsion polymerization and enhanced oil recovery.  As a manufacturer of many of the components within our blends, Harcros offers tailored, effective alternatives at an economical rate. With chemical blending services located throughout North America and Asia along with our international logistics division Harcros is able to deliver solutions to worldwide. For more information regarding custom blends please contact us below. 

Toll Services

Harcros offers toll production services for alkoxylation, phosphorylation, and other reaction chemistries. Harcros Toll Manufacturing Services are offered at multiple locations in the United States, India, and China. Our facilities are equipped with state of the art QA facilities that operate 24/7 to monitor your reactions and keep you updated on their progress. Harcros can offer package sizes from rail cars and ISOtainers to drums and pails. Our 100 years of chemical manufacturing expertise makes us your ideal toll manufacturing partner. 

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Research & Development

Harcros' global R&D group is poised to help you develop custom solutions and formulations for various applications. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Private Labeling

Build your brand! Harcros offers private labeling services for customer specified formulations or off-the-shelf products. Our flexibility in supporting your brand is unparalleled. 

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