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As of 2014, Harcros is 100% owned by our dedicated employees. We have nearly a century of history and culture that places the highest priority on safety, quality, regulatory compliance and ethical business practices. Moving forward, our established principles will guide our sustainable growth and innovation in the chemical industry.
Harcros Organics introduces a new line of silicone antifoams for difficult-to-control applications when superior knock-down and durability are needed. Harcros “M” series antifoams are based on food-grade ingredients and perform well in many food and industrial applications.
Enhanced Oil Recovery - Harcros Chemicals has developed a program to custom tailor EOR surfactants to individual crude oils. Harcros is currently partnered with well-respected U.S. Universities that are developing cutting-edge technologies for tertiary and quaternary oil recovery. All these contributing factors allow us to produce customized EOR products that outperform their market competitors.
Harcryl 1228 is a unique, functional acrylic monomer consisting of mono and di-phosphate esters of 2-Hydroxyethylmethacrylate. The ratio of mono-alkyl to di-alkyl phosphate allows it to be easily incorporated into a variety of polymer systems, while the polarity of Harcryl 1228 provides for application in hydrophilic formulations.

From blending and custom formulation to transloading and tank telemetry, Harcros offers a variety of services that will help your product efficiently make the transition from R&D to market-ready. (more...)

As both a distributor and manufacturer Harcros strives to provide products, solutions and technologies that responsible, safe, and sustainable. (more...)

Harcros operates twenty-eight branch locations in nineteen states, and provides excellent geographic coverage throughout much of the United States. (more...)

For nearly a century, Harcros has sold a variety of specialty chemicals into various markets throughout the United States and has shown strong market presence in HI&I, oil & gas, personal care and water treatment. (more...)

Harcros Manufacturing’s core strength is the development of products designed to satisfy niche applications in multiple industries for varying customer sizes. (more...)