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For a century Harcros has been delivering quality products from top chemical producers to thousands of customers. Harcros has developed strong, long-term relationships with its suppliers. This assures our customers of a dependable source of supply and a broad selection of chemistries to meet their formulation needs.


With 27 distribution centers and a fleet of over 200 trucks, Harcros provides excellent coverage throughout the Rocky Mountains, the Heartland, the South, and the East Coast. Collectively, our facilities have in excess of one million square feet of warehouse space and over three million gallons of bulk storage capacity.


Harcros is a member and strong supporter of the National Association of Chemical Distributors and is committed to safety, quality, responsibility, and all facets of the NACD Responsible Distribution Process.


Custom Services

Custom Formulations & Technical Support Our Technical Marketing Group has the expertise to assist in improving finished product performance, developing a product line extension, optimizing product cost/performance and solving processing and/or product performance issues. Our Harcros Specialties and Organics divisions can also develop a unique chemistry to meet specific needs.


Tank Monitoring & Auto Replenish Through the utilization of Harcros owned and installed tank telemetry equipment, this turnkey solution provides synchronization of the customer’s bulk inventory and Harcros’ auto-replenishment system to ensure continuity of supply.


Specialty Manufacturing, Blending & Packaging Whether it is a simple dissolution, dilution or pre-blend concentrate, customers can free up capacity and manpower by allowing Harcros to blend necessary components for your formulation. Private labelling, custom pack sizes, liquid food grade, white room, and other packaging services are available.





Headquartered in Kansas City Kansas the manufacturing division of Harcros has historically focused on ethoxylation and propoxylation. Over the past few decades, our capabilities have expanded to include phosphation, esterification, sulfation, sulfamation, amidation, emulsification, and quaternization.


Harcros Organics, located in Kansas City Kansas, is the primary U.S. alkoxylation facility for The Harcros Group. This facility services the NAFTA, Central/South American and EU regions. Additionally, this site has dedicated formulation, blending and functionalization units. Harcros Organics also produces a full line of food grade and non-food grade defoamers.


Harcros Specialties is the main production site for Harcros’ green chelants (H-Quest line). Additionally this site produces ACH/PAC, acid chlorides, urea sulfate, and octylphosphorous acid. The Specialties site also performs custom manufacturing, blending and repackaging.


Venus Ethoxyethers, headquartered in Goa, India, with a satellite site in Mumbai, is the head regional office for Harcros’ operations in the Middle East, India, and SE Asia. Venus Ethoxyethers is comprised of three separate alkoxylation and blending facilities that serve a variety of industries.


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