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Harcros Chemicals Inc. is the lead REACH registrant for Sodium Glucoheptonate (H-Quest™).

Kansas City, Kansas  Harcros Chemicals Inc. is the lead REACH registrant for both liquid and crystal Sodium Glucoheptonate (H-Quest™ L 50) (CAS 31138-65-5) and Sodium D-glycero-D-gluo-heptonate (H-Quest™ C 100) (CAS 13007-85-7). For information on this registration please contact Samer Saba at reach@harcros.com.

The H-Quest™ product line is produced by Harcros Chemicals Inc. Specialty Division in Dalton GA. H-Quest™ products are used ubiquitously throughout multiple industries as high-performance and environmentally friendly chelating agents and cement retarders. Some important areas of application are agriculture, oilfield cementation, water treatment, cosmetics, household industrial and institutional, textile processing, metal working, and construction.

Harcros Chemicals Inc., based in Kansas City, Kansas USA, is a full-line chemical distribution and manufacturing company with facilities across the US, India and China.  If you have inquiries, please feel free to contact the corporate offices at press@harcros.com.