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Harcros has spent the last several years focusing on speciality products for the oil and gas market and we have positioned ourselves in the industry as the “go-to” partner for development, drum size scale-up, and full field implementation for various oilfield solutions. With seven manufacturing locations worldwide, Harcros can provide timely solutions in the areas our customers operate.


As the oil and gas market continues to expand customer are faced with more challenging conditions. We recognize difficulties our customers face in day-to-day operations and have tailor solutions to meet these needs. From corrosion inhibition and foam control to cementing additives and demulsification we Harcros has a solution tailored to your needs. 


Enhanced Oil Recovery

Harcros in conjunction with several major universities in the United States has developed a line of ultra-low IFT, high molecular weight surfactants that are purpose-built for enhanced oil recovery. Each product is tailored towards a particular application but, may be used for both ASP and SP technologies. To learn more about this technology or to speak with one of our Oil & Gas experts please see the contact info below.

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