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Harcros Chemicals has supplied the Paint and Coatings market segment with manufactured products for several decades. Our emphasis on quality and innovation has positioned us as a market leader, and our commitment to custom development has made us the ideal choice as surfactant manufacturing partner.

Harcros produces a full line of alkoxylated products that are especially useful for emulsion polymerization reactions, post-added latex stabilization, and preparation of particulate dispersions. Our phosphate esters are used widely as primary surfactants for emulsion polymerization, and provide benefits not experienced with other anionic surfactant groups. Our non-silicone defoamer products may be used in a variety of coating products, from raw acrylic latexes and pigment grinds, to finished food and beverage can coatings. We also provide a full line of specialized polymeric dispersants for inorganic and organic pigments, with an emphasis on organic particulates. At the truly specialized end of the product spectrum, we manufacture phosphated reactive monomers that may be used in a variety of polymerizable coating systems to enhance corrosion resistance and adhesion to metal and other difficult substrates.

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