SaferChoice approval of H-Quest and T-Det products for CleanGredients listing

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Kansas City, Kansas  Harcros Chemicals Inc. is pleased to announce the SaferChoice approval various T-Det® surfactants. SaferChoice is an elective evaluation program that works with the manufacturer to develop safer high-performance chemical products.

Harcros also received approval for multiple their high-performance, broad-range surfactants, T-Det® A 91-2.5, T-Det® A 91-6, T-Det® A 91-8, T-Det® A 1-3, T-Det® A 1-5 and T-Det® A 23-5.

Harcros is a worldwide manufacturer of innovative and sustainable chemicals headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas. If you would like to know more about our efforts and our commitment to our customers please visit us at If you would like to learn more about the SaferChoice program please visit the EPA at and you have inquiries about these products please feel free to view our approvals listing at or contact the corporate offices at