Water Treatment


Harcros recognizes the challenges of plant operation; having to balance reduced budgets while meeting stricter regulations and discharge permits. Environmental professionals are expected to do more with less. We strive to be our client's partner for successful plant operation through an integrated program to include chemical supply and regular technical assistance and service. Harcros distributes those products that are critical to the processes of our clients ranging from industrial wastewater treatment to food and citrus processing and potable water production. 


Working with Harcros allows our customers to consolidate their vendors, buying both commodity and speciality chemicals from one company. The Harcros technical sales team works closely with our clients to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products through jar testing and bench and online pilot studies. Harcros assists our customers by finding products that will improve the efficiency of their process creating overall system-wide savings. We stress the importance of making product decisions based on the total operating cost of chemicals and not merely price-per-pound. 

Technical Services

  • Jar Testing, Bench-Scale and Full-Scale online product testing

  • Product Application Training 

  • Safety & Product Handling Training

  • New Product Application Development 

  • Monthly Monitoring & Service

  • BOD Reduction Programs

  • Enhanced Coagulation & Softening for TOC Removal

  • THM & HAA Reduction Programs


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