Harcros has supplied the leather processing industry with speciality products for several decades. Our specialty surfactants can be used in all phases of leather processing, including presoaking and soaking, limeing and delimeing, degreasing and back wetting. Harcros offers several unique products for tanning operations that are based on unique patented technology. These special surfactants can be tailored to meet the requirements of each tannery process. Our surfactants provide top shelf performance, while maintaining an environmentally friendly profile. In addition, Harcros also supplies highly effective silicone and non-silicone antifoams for processing and effluent treatment. Harcros also continues to answer the challenges of time and offers environmentally friendly chelating agents to address the growing requirements for green chemistries. In addition to their environmentally friendly profile, our sodium glucoheptonate products offer performance advantages over more conventional chelating technologies.


  • Antifoaming/Defoaming

  • Degreasing

  • De-Fatting

  • Wetting

  • Limeing and Delimeing

  • Presoaking and Soaking.


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