We at Harcros have strong long-term relationships with our vendors. Our efficient operations assure our customers that we are a dependable source of supply. We set ourselves apart and always strive to deliver the very best.

For over a century, Harcros has been a trusted resource for our ability to deliver high-quality products and solutions to thousands of customers around the world. Now we serve hundreds of manufacturers and represent a large number of the top producers in the chemical industry.

What To Know About This New Website

Whether you’re a new visitor or you’ve worked with us before, we hope you will enjoy our compounded and formulated website we built with the help of an award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic.

This design process allowed us to create a website that best represented the form and ethics we use here at Harcros. So, by working with Lifted Logic, we could talk through our process and values to get the most out of this endeavor.

We knew our customers deserved a website where they could get the best information and feel the spirit of our company. It is possible to get all this in just a website, so that is exactly what we set out to deliver to our customer community.

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We also had the opportunity to work with Lifted Logic’s media team to get new headshots and video loops added to our new site. This modern look helps display our company’s work ethic and morale.

Harcros is dedicated to their craft! It was a joy to work with them to help their advertising and business success. For any kind of chemical supply you need, whether in your home, your workplace, or when running a business, Harcros is the answer!

— Todd Smidt, COO -Lifted Logic & President – Of Whiskey & Words

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