Tailor-made formulations for agriculture customers

Agriculture touches the daily lives of everyone on the planet. Headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, Harcros maintains thirty distribution warehouses and six manufacturing facilities to serve the agriculture market. Our specialty chemicals manufacturing division has rapidly expanded both domestically and globally, and our products impact North and South America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific regions.

Harcros can tailor-make agricultural formulations that are customer-specific. We are as much a problem solver as we are a fertilizer component and agrochemical supplier. Whether your project involves a pre-mix pesticide formulation, tank-mix adjuvant, or liquid fertilizer blend, Harcros has the answer to your question. With a focus on the latest, most environmentally favorable chemistries, our R&D group is continually developing new products to meet the stringent cost/performance demands of the customer.